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Spoke Foundation

Our Mission is to expand the opportunities to be involved with endurance athletics.

Spoke Foundation is dedicated to opening the world of endurance athletics to broader scope of people through three basic avenues. The first avenue is the through the athlete by assisting with costs involved with participating in the events. The second avenue is supporting the communities that in turn support events and endurance athletics. The third avenue is to provide consulting and support to event directors to encourage growth in the endurance events opportunities. We believe that all of these avenues will lead to a larger, more inclusive and welcoming environment for athletes to participate in new challenges and push their limits physically and mentally, and to create a strong family of athletes, communities and events.


Why these avenues? 

First, one of the biggest barriers for new participants is the initial costs. Helping cover those costs and introducing new athletes into the community can increase the future interest as they step into the endurance world for the first time. Costs could include entry fees, equipment, coaching, etc. and introduction to others who could help mentor or partner with the athlete.

Second, it can be difficult to interest new communities to participate in endurance events, or keep existing communities informed of the benefits of having endurance athletes and events in their community. By engaging with the community leaders, businesses and other non-profits, Spoke can assist in showing the benefits to a community and directly participate in engaging with businesses to help develop a network of support and volunteers.

Third, it has become increasingly difficult to start new endurance events and to keep existing events going into the future. Spoke is capable of assisting with consulting on logistics, equipment and permits. With a staff of experienced event operators, Spoke has the knowledge and personal connections to assist with all the steps of hosting an endurance event.

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